Covert Security

Covert Security:
State Security Services is able to provide you with a number of well trained Covert Security Officers.
Our team of officers have been trained in a number of disciplines which include Loss Prevention, Personnel Surveillance, Staff Integrity Auditing and Mystery Guest Reporting.


Loss Prevention:

Retail Theft is costing Australian retailers an estimated 2.2 billion dollars per year.
You can choose to do nothing or call us today! 8352 8033.

” Statistics show that 40% of retail crime is by your own employees”

Staff Integrity Testing:
The 2011 Global Theft Barometer indicates that shrinkage on a global scale is increasing, and retail theft cost the Australian economy more than $2 billion. Globally, in 2010 Australia records the second highest levels of employee theft in the world, with over 40% of theft resulting from employees.

If you you have a problem with stock loss and susspect you may have an internal problem the dont wait any longer and call one of your consultants today!

Mystery Guest Reports:

Our Mystery Guest Reports are tailored to your specific needs, one of our managers will visit with you off site and create a dedicated report just for your business. Every client has different expectations as to how his or her staff should be servicing their clients. State Security has developed an unique system that will provide you with a very clear report on how your staff are serving and treating your customers while you are away from the business. To find out more on how this system will help your business call today to make and appointment with one of our great team.




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